Pizza Hut Foundation Stabilization – Newcastle, WY

The Problem

Weak, poorly compacted soils beneath the building and parking lot areas with settlement occurring from undetected water leak. Original and addition foundation footers 5 ft. and 10 ft. depths. Extensive settlement of the foundation and floor slab ranging from 2 – 4.5 inches throughout the settlement area. Settlement of large exterior light poles adjacent to the parking area.

Factors for Consideration

Extensive damage from the floor and foundation settlement required closure of the restaurant for repairs. The business owner needed a quick, clean, non-disruptive solution that would allow the restaurant to avoid a lengthy and more costly closure for repairs. Long term solution needed to lift building foundation to original level and mitigate against additional settlement and damage to the structure. Straighten light poles and arrest against future tilting could be completed as an add on which only takes a couple hours and little material.

Method/Process Applied

CST Deep Injection Method – The CST technologies employ high density expanding structural polymers to lift settled concrete foundations, slabs, and other structures effectively, efficiently, and economically. The soils are improved, voids are filled, and poorly compacted soils are strengthened and permanently stabilized using in-situ methodology.

The CST deep injection method requires no excavation inside or out-side the building to lift the foundation. The interior finished concrete floor and the exterior sidewalk were lifted in place. The process allows for quick repair with the foundation back to original elevation with a permanent improvement of the soils.


The foundation lift began Monday morning on the first day of the five day closure. By Tuesday evening, the entire settled foundation area was lifted up to 4-½ inch-es and the soils . The exterior sidewalks adjacent to the building were still intact and in place with no crack development. Final floor elevation adjustments were completed before noon Wednesday. The cosmetic interior and plumbing work began Monday morning with little to no interruption to other trades.

By early Wednesday afternoon, light pole bases were also aligned and stabilized. The entire foundation and light pole stabilization was completed in a total of 3 working shifts allowing the general contractor to finish work to be completed for opening on Saturday morning.

The CST technologies allowed the franchise owner to save the existing building and avoid a rip out and re-place scenario. Total foundation Repair cost $87,562.12 with substantial savings and minimal disruption to the business.