Historic Structure Foundation Stabilization – Cody, WY

The Irma Hotel is a beloved historic land-mark in Cody Wyoming. Built in 1902 by William F. Cody, a.k.a. Buffalo Bill Cody. The “Irma”, named for Buffalo Bill’s youngest daughter is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Settlement had occurred on one corner of the structure due to a downspout terminating too closely to the rock foundation. The settlement had caused cracking of the exterior stone masonry and interior finishings of one of the hotel’s guest rooms. It was important to the owner to stabilize the foundation to prevent additional damage without disrupting patrons or having to close the business for a lengthy period of time. It was also important to the owner to repair the foundation without causing additional damage to the original stone foundation and masonry.

Owner Scott Darby contacted CST to evaluate the foundation settlement and provide a solution to repair the problem.

CST first performed a thorough site evaluation and survey of the hotel’s foundation and settlement.

An injection plan was designed. Injection depths and locations were determined and survey benchmarks placed.

The crew then placed probes into the foundation soils and installed high density structural polymer at the predetermined depths.
CST’s low pressure injection process is an ideal solution for historic structures. The polymer expands, filling voided areas and restores bearing capacity of the soil to support the structure and mitigate against future settlement.

CST completed all injections along the foundation in one working shift without need to close the business during repair.  Foundation soils were efficiently and effectively stabilized, protecting the historic structure against future settlement and damage.  The technology is performed without excavation and provides a fast, clean, and long lasting solution.

CST’s foundation stabilization and lifting technology is well suited for historic structures where high pressure grout or alternate methods may cause damage or alteration of the original structure.

CST’s foundation repair and soil stabilization technology helps preserve and protect the original integrity of historic structures.