Dental Clinic Foundation Stabilization – Gillette, WY

The Problem

Unstable fill soil had resulted in settlement and movement of the Dental Specialists building foundation that threatened the structural integrity of the building and had caused cracking and gaps in window and door casings. Surveys detected upwards of 5-inches of settlement in areas of the foundation and interior concrete slab. Exterior sidewalk and curb/gutter areas had also experienced settlement causing uneven walking surfaces and trip hazards.

Factors for Consideration

The foundation lift and stabilization needed to be completed during a short window of time and in coordination with other contractors who would be working in the building at the same time. Dental and Orthodontic equipment, including sensitive X-Ray machines were present in the building and could not withstand large amounts of dust and debris. Additionally, carpeting over the concrete floor slabs in certain areas would need to be left in place during repairs in certain portions of the building.

Method/Process Applied

The unique CST technologies employ high-density expanding structural polymers to lift settled concrete foundations, slabs and other structures effectively, efficiently and economically. The soils are improved, voids are filled and poorly compacted soils are strengthened and permanently stabilizes using in-situ methodology.


A thorough site survey was conducted measuring existing elevations and a surgically precise injection plan developed prior to injection of CST high-density expanding structural polymer. Complete lift of the interior floor slabs, foundation and curb/gutter areas was accomplished in only 3 shifts. Many of the existing gaps in window casings were closed during the process. The sensitive equipment in the dental offices was not disturbed and, due to the non-invasive processes, no carpet was removed and no landscaping disturbed. Due to the state of art injection equipment and no-dig technologies, CST crews were able to complete the foundation stabilization and concrete lift with no disruption to other contractors working on site.


The settled foundation and floor slabs were efficiently and permanently lifted and stabilized, eliminating a very costly full scale repair. The existing structure and foundation were protected from any other damage. The dental office was able to re-open on schedule with zero disruption to their clients or business.