Cokeville Wyoming Manhole Rehabilitation

As a result of successfully completing the manhole rehabilitation project for the Town of Big Piney, Concrete Stabilization Technologies was contacted by Cokeville Wyoming’s Assistant Public Works Director Mike Duran concerning infiltration in the town’ sewer system due to cracks and leaks in the town’s sanitary sewer lines.

Concrete Stabilization Technologies worked with Mr. Duran and a plan and proposal was developed to re-pair the leaking lines and prevent any future infiltration in to the sewer system.
Twin D Inc. Environmental Services was contracted to camera the lines and determine the exact location of each leak. They were also kept on stand- by with cleaner/cutter equipment in case any polyurethane made its way into the sewer system.

Strategically placed 5/8” holes were drilled through the overlying roadway, down to the connections in question between existing manholes. ½” probes were then inserted into the drilled holes to reach the infiltrating connections and cracked pipe. Using CST technologies, expanding structural polymer was injected through the probes, sealing cracks, gaps, and leaks in the -lines and joints.

CST crews began working on the project at 10:00 a.m. Each injection was precisely directed 1” to 2” from the joint/crack on top of the sewer pipe, the polymer followed the water trench around -the sewer pipe and into the crack or joint, sealing off where water was infiltrating.

The series of repairs were completed at each location, working a series of injections around each of the leaking lines and joints until all leaks were sealed. All work was completed by 6:30 p.m. Work was completed in situ and without taking any of the lines out of service during repairs.