Manhole Seal and Stabilize

Manhole SealingOur manhole sealing and stabilization process is a fast and cost effective process. We use a high-density polyurethane chemical grout to seal and stabilize the manhole.This lateral line sewer repair process can be used in all forms of pipes, including reinforced concrete pipes, brick pipes, cast iron pipes, clay pipes, reinforced concrete pipes (rcp), corrugated metal pipes (cmp), etc. The injections can be made from within the pipe, but also from the surface. Additionally, the injections can be made vertically and horizontally, and can be injected into highly saturated environments as the polymers are not affected by water.

An additional benefit of using chemical grout for lateral line sewer repair is the chemical grout can re-establish the weight bearing capacity of the support soils around the lateral lines, and can even lift any structures above the location. This may include roadways, buildings, manholes or any water control structures.



  • No-Excavation
  • Quick and Cost-Effective
  • Re-establish Bearing Capacity
  • Lift, Level, and Realign

Manhole Sealing Applications

Joint Sealing

Once injected, the polyurethane initially moves in liquid form, seeking the path of least resistance, and then expanding and densifying voids and loosely compacted soils. This makes it ideal for sealing joints in lateral lines, culverts and manholes, against leakage or infiltration.

Soil Densification

Many people are familiar with the process of lifting a concrete slab by injecting polyurethane foam directly underneath it. A hole is drilled in the concrete, the foam is injected through the hole and expands generating enough force to lift the concrete above. There is a limitation, however, to injecting directly under a slab – the soils underlying the slab are not improved during the lifting process.

Implementing the Deep Soil Injection application can help stabilize soils at depth, providing true soil densification and load-bearing improvement.

Inflow and Infiltration Repair

Polyurethane is ideal for mitigating inflow and infiltration (commonly referred to as I&I) into sewer infrastructure. Polyurethane has the advantage over other grouting applications by having a smaller footprint, much quicker cure times, and more adaptable injection approaches.

Void Filling

We offer a variety of products that provide high expansion and are ideal for filling voids underneath foundation slabs, structures, or infrastructure. The polymers can be used for general void filling, soil stabilization, or abandonment.

Manhole Sealing and Stabilization

Our polyurethane are ideal for a variety of sewer infrastructure rehabilitation applications. The polyurethane is highly versatile and specially formulated to work within saturated environments and to seal against water infiltration or leakage. It is also ideal for void-filling and soil stabilization. The process works as follows:

  • Injections are made through 5/8” holes that are drilled through the slab
  • Once Injected, the polyurethane travels throughout the voids and expands up to 25 times through the soil
  • The polyurethane is a high-density, structural polyurethane that increases the soil bearing capacity and re-establishes the concrete or foundation slab’s weight back to the soil.



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