Driveway Lifting and Leveling

Our driveway lifting and leveling solution lifts and stabilizes residential concrete slabs without excavation. We utilize a polyurethane foam jacking solution that quickly cures for pinpoint lifting, and polyurethanes that have optimal spread for filling voids.

  • No-Excavation
  • Quick and Cost-Effective
  • Usable within Minutes after Completion
  • Lifts, Levels, and Realigns

Driveway Lifting and Leveling with Polyurethane Injection

How it works

Once injected, the polymer aggressively seeks out voids, like how water seeks the path of least resistance. After a few short minutes the polymer reacts and begins to expand throughout the voids and the weak points in the soil. The process is fast and with a minimal mess, allowing you to repair your driveway quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Injections are made through 5/8” holes that are drilled through the slab
  • Once Injected, the polyurethane travels throughout the voids and expands up to 25 times through the soil
  • The polyurethane is a high-density, structural polyurethane that increases the soil bearing capacity and re-establishes the driveway slab’s weight back to the soil.
“They were excellent! It is not often that you hire someone and the job turns out much better than you expected it to. They downplayed what they could do, not promise the moon. We were very pleased and have recommended them to several people already.”

CST is the sole provider of the CST polyurethane chemical grout injection process, a no-excavation foundation repair process.  The CST system is used to stabilize weak and poorly compacted soils underneath your structure’s slab.

The primary cause of foundation problems has to do with the support soils underneath the slab.  With soil collapse, erosion, expansion, or degradation, the foundation can be compromised and will lose adequate density to support the slab. With Polyurethane chemical grout injection, the soils will be densified and compacted while being able to lift the foundation back to grade.



We are a proven foundation lifting, concrete leveling and trenchless sewer contractor with an impeccable track record and over 22 years of experience and thousands of projects completed.  We  offer a comprehensive suite of concrete leveling solutions and services.


We ensure that our team operates with the highest level of integrity and diligence, to ensure our projects are completed to the highest levels of quality and customer service.


We are the most experienced provider of Polyurethane Soil Stabilization applications, including solutions like concrete leveling, water control, carbon fiber concrete reinforcement and soil swelling mitigation and trenchless sewer repair.  We place great emphasis on research and design and continuously innovating our applications and the foundation lifting industry.