Chemical Grouting and Soil Stabilization

CST is the most experienced and knowledgeable provider of chemical grout injection, chemical grouting and soil stabilization.   Chemical grouting is a soil stabilization technique that utilizes a polyurethane chemical grout injection process to transform low-fine granular soils into sandstone monolithic masses.  The grouting approach is performed by inserting 1/2″ steel rods into weak soil zones and then injecting a high-density structural polyurethane into the area.

Once injected, the polyurethane permeates the soil layer, moving freely through the voids, and then begins to densify, bind and compact the soils.  The compaction helps stabilize the soil and the structures the soils support.  Chemical Grouting can be used for soil stabilizationtrenchless sewer repairfoundation liftingroadway repairdam repair, seepage mitigation, and a variety of other services that have highly granular support soils.

The main advantage of using a polyurethane chemical grout injection process is that the grout stabilizes the soil directly in the weak zone. The grout is light-weight, so it does not add overloaded effective stress to the soil like other forms of permeation grout or cementitious grout.   The polyurethane chemical grout also travels freely throughout the voids, making it effective for void filling and sealing sewer lines against inflow and infiltration.  CST has been performing Chemical Grouting for over 24 years and is the foremost authority.

Polyurethane Chemical Grout Injection



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