Trip Hazard Repair

Uneven slabs can cause potential trip hazards that cause safety concerns for organizations. Polyurethane injection is an excellent solution for trip hazard repair by lifting, leveling, and stabilizing the slabs. The process is quick and cost-effective and with one application can fill voids, re-establish bearing capacity to the base support soils, and level the slabs back to the correct grade. There is no excavation required and downtime is minimal!

  • No-Excavation
  • Quick and Cost-Effective
  • Re-establish Bearing Capacity
  • Lift, Level, and Realign

How does Polyurethane Trip Hazard Repair work?

Trip Hazard Repair with Polyurethane injection is a non-invasive rehabilitation approach. The process works as follows:

  • Injections are made through 5/8” holes that are drilled through the slab
  • Once Injected, the polyurethane travels throughout the voids and expands up to 25 times through the soil
  • The polyurethane is a high-density, structural polyurethane that increases the soil bearing capacity and re-establishes the concrete or foundation slab’s weight back to the soil.



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