Drive Lane Stabilization

Uneven drive lane slabs can wreak havoc on trucks and their freight, causing damage to goods and inventories. Polyurethane injection is an excellent solution for lifting, leveling, and drive lane stabilization. The process is quick and cost-effective and, with one application, can fill voids, re-establish bearing capacity to the base support soils, and level the slabs back to the correct grade. There is no-excavation required and downtime is minimal!

  • No-Excavation
  • Quick and Cost-Effective
  • Re-establish Bearing Capacity
  • Lift, Level, and Realign

Commercial Applications

Foundation Lifting

Our polyurethane injection process is ideal for lifting and leveling foundation slabs. The process is minimally invasive, with 5/8″ hole being drilled through the slab and 1/2″ steel rods inserted to the injection locations. The polyurethane can be injected with varying approaches to meet your goals, such as multi-depth gridded injection patterns referred to as Deep Soil Injection, or single-level injection patterns if voids are present. The application can be used to lift and level your slabs or increase the soil bearing capacity to support more weight.

Soil Densification

Many people are familiar with the process of lifting a concrete slab by injecting polyurethane foam directly underneath it. A hole is drilled in the concrete, the foam is injected through the hole and expands generating enough force to lift the concrete above. There is a limitation, however, to injecting directly under a slab – the soils underlying the slab are not improved during the lifting process.

Implementing the Deep Soil Injection application can help stabilize soils at depth, providing true soil densification and load-bearing improvement.

Increasing Load Bearing Capacity

Implementing the Deep Soil Injection application can help stabilize soils at depth, providing true soil densification and load-bearing improvement. By injecting on a gridded vertical and horizontal pattern, you can dramatically pack and densify the base soils to improve the overall bearing capacity for supporting higher weights for heavy equipment or structures. This is a dramatically more cost-effective process than rip and replace and can be completed with little to no disruption to operations and within a matter of a couple of days depending on the size of the project.

Stabilizing Rocking Slabs

In warehouses, drive lanes, manufacturing centers, or logistic centers, dealing with rocking concrete slabs can cause problems with forklifts, delivery trucks or heavy machinery. Polyurethane injection is an excellent way to stabilize these slabs by filling the voids underneath and minimizing future movement.

Void Filling

We offer a variety of products that provide high expansion and are ideal for filling voids underneath foundation slabs, structures, or infrastructure. The polymers can be used for general void filling, soil stabilization, or abandonment.

Tripping Hazard Mitigation

Tripping hazards are a safety concern that all facilities managers should be aware of. If slab settlement has caused uneven surfaces in your facility, polyurethane injection is an excellent solution for mitigating this issue.


Bridge Transition Realignment with Polyurethane Injection

Drive lane stabilization with Polyurethane injection is a non-invasive rehabilitation approach. The process works as follows:

  • Injections are made through 5/8” holes that are drilled through the slab
  • Once Injected, the polyurethane travels throughout the voids and expands up to 25 times through the soil
  • The polyurethane is a high-density, structural polyurethane that increases the soil bearing capacity and re-establishes the concrete or foundation slab’s weight back to the soil.



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