Trenchless Sewer Repair

ROI through I/I: How I/I mitigation pays for itself with CST trenchless sewer repair solutions

Trenchless Sewer RepairCosts are costs, and one of the major costs for cities is continuous Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) into sewer systems. The increased water into the sewer system leads to higher pumping costs, increased degradation of pumps, higher treatment costs of water that shouldn’t need treatment, and other potentially costly issues such as soil degradation, further damage to the pipe and sinkholes that could cause roadway or structural failure. So how do you deal with I/I and how can you pay for the I/I mitigation?

CST’s polymer injection applications provide unique solutions for I/I mitigation. We have the proven results of reducing I/I while also having a very quick payback in reducing the associated costs (a recent study shows that I/I in Tennessee equals 44%!).

CST’s Technologies are highly effective, having the combined effect of sealing the lateral line or manhole while also reestablishing the weight bearing capacity of the soil. The way it works, is a high density structural polymer is injected along the pipe in multiple zones. Once the polymer is injected, it aggressively seeks out the voids and pushes away any water along the structure, forming a water tight seal. The polymer encapsulates the pipe and the joints are sealed against I/I. The injections can occur from the surface or within the pipe itself. View projects and learn more about the process here!