Tomas Ramos

Tomas Ramos, Project Superintendent

Tomas began working with CST in Denver in 2004 and is highly skilled and knowledgeable in his role as Project Superintendent. In his position as a Laborer, he would often take notice of difficult situations, make an analysis, and offer suggestions, often times providing the key to the success of the difficult project. He has excelled in every field position he has held within our company and holds vast experience in Transportation, Commercial, and Residential projects. He is often called upon by other Project Superintendents to review difficult situations and help determine the best solution. In 2008, Tomas transferred to Salt Lake City as a Truck Supervisor. He also travels throughout our four-state region of Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming to complete projects where a higher level of technical support is needed. His first major project was on Industrial Avenue, where he provided project supervision for the roadway repairs being completed. Since that time, he has overseen our operations in Utah and our production has consistently increased in this region. Tomas has an incredible eye and unique attention for details when it comes to equipment, and the production and safety of his crews.