Roadway Lifting, Rail Bed Stabilization and Runway Leveling

CST provides rehabilitation services for the repair of roadways, railroads and runway strips. Our no-excavation solutions stabilizes base and sub-grade soils to ensure the structure is adequately supported.  This roadway lifting process can be used to rehabilitate the structure opposed to excavation and replacement.

CST has over 20 years experience in helping transportation departments extend the life of their transportation infrastructure by integrating our CST polymer injection process.  This application provides engineers and maintenance managers with a multi-application tool for stabilizing their road, rail and runway assets when the support soils begin to fail.  Whether due to vibration, frost heave, transpiration, drainage, sewer inflow and infiltration, etc., our process will compact and densify the support soils and stabilize the above structure.

Roadway Lift and Repair

CST provides Departments of Transportation with the CST Deep Injection Process, whereby a structural industrial grade polyurethane  is injected into the base soils of the roadway to stabilize and reestablish the weight-bearing capacity of the soil.  The roadway can be compromised due to a variety of issues: age, repurposing, geological, prior construction techniques, continuous vibration, etc.  The CST polymers are a powerful tool for rehabilitating the roadway, as its application is versatile for repairing a wide scope of problematic conditions.

Here’s how it works:  The polymers are injected through 5/8″ holes through the surface of the roadway, whereby 1/2″ steel rods are inserted into the problem zones underneath the roadway.  The polymer is then injected into the subsurface to stabilize and densify the weak zones.  The polymer initially enters the zone in liquid form and then begins to expand throughout the soil media, binding the soils and pushing away any water that may be present.  This allows public works directors and engineers to utilize the CST product for multiple roadway repair applications, including problems relating to sewer failure or soil loss.

CST offers innovative solutions for trenchless sewer repair, manhole rehabilitation and culvert repair.  Our chemical grout injection process is highly adaptable and non-disruptive, allowing for public works managers and engineers to design a sewer repair solution that is cost-effective and minimizes operational downtime of facilities and roadways.

The trenchless sewer repair process is ideal for both sanitary and stormwater sewer systems as well as culverts, outfalls, drainage systems, culverts and utility trenches.  Learn more here…

Manhole rehabilitation and trenchless sewer repair

CST provides Engineers, Transportation Departments and City and County municipalities with innovative bridge approach slab repair solutions.  Bridge approach slabs are susceptible to settlement due to a variety of external factors that degrade the roadway base soils over time, such as continual vibration, water movement and drainage, or failures of other soil containment systems.

CST offers a no-excavation solution for bridge approach slab repair through the use of high-density, light-weight structural polymers.   The polymers are injected beneath the concrete slab through ½” metal rods that are inserted through the slab and into the weak soil zones.  Because the polymers are hydrophobic, any standing water will be pushed out and the soils will be protected against future degradation from water flow or vibration.

Bridge Approach Slab Repair