Inflow and Infiltration Repair

Reducing Inflow and Infiltration can save governments millions of dollars with a very fast return on investment

Inflow and Infiltration can dramatically impact governments’ budgets, both in treatment costs and increased pumping required to move the increase in flow volumes.  Our chemical grout injection process is the most optimal way for sealing manholes, lateral lines and culverts from inflow and infiltration.

Inflow and InfiltrationCST utilizes the polymer injection process to rehabilitate manholes and lateral lines for sanitary and storm sewer systems. The trenchless sewer repair process can be used in a variety of challenging conditions, including high groundwater tables, unstable support soils, saturated environments and voids.   The chemical grout aggressively seeks out voids around the mis-aligned or cracked pipe, while sealing it against groundwater infiltration.  This same process can be used to prevent soil collapse and soil subsidence, a major contributor to roadway settlement.

The application can be used to help public works managers with the following Inflow and Infiltration repair services:

  • Inflow and Infiltration Repair
  • Groundwater Restriction
  • Joint Realignment and Sealing
  • Structural Stability (such as stabilizing degraded mortar in  Brick Manholes and Pipes)
  • Void Fill, Soil Compaction and Stabilization


CST Injection Processes

The CST polymer injection solutions are a revolutionary way to help seal and stabilize manholes, joints and lateral lines.  This in-situ process allows for us to surgically inject a high-density structural polymer into the voids and loose soils around the manhole or lateral lines.  Once injected, the polymer seeks out the voids and rapidly expands to densify the adjacent support soils and encapsulate the sewer.

The inflow and infiltration repair process can also be used in a variety of structure types, including:

    • Corrugated Metal Pipes (CMP)
    • Reinforced Concrete Pipes (RCP)
    • Brick Manholes and Brick Pipes
    • Clay Pipes
    • All Shapes and Sizes including eliptical, oval, egg-shaped, etc.