Home Foundation Repair

Providing home foundation repair utilizing polyurethane foam jacking

Home foundation damage can be caused by a lot of issues, including poor construction techniques, poor soil conditions, poor drainage, weather, sinkholes, and a variety of other causes. For home foundation repair, the homeowner needs to have a home foundation repair specialist who provides a complete suite of solutions to properly address the root cause.

We offer comprehensive solutions for fixing foundation problems, from stabilizing and compacting the soils to building support systems such as helical piles.  We also have an extensive network of engineers throughout the states of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Montana, to help make sure your home foundation problem is appropriately addressed.

Common issues to look for to decide whether you may require home foundation repair:

  • Doors are unable to close, jam, or fail to latch
  • Cracks appear in walls, over doorways, windows or where the ceiling meets the wall
  • Flooring begins to separate or crack
  • Windows no longer open and close properly but are sticking and suddenly falling shut

CST specializes in lifting residential foundations with a unique CST polymer injection process. The no-excavation approach is the fastest and most effective approach for stabilizing loose subsurface soils to repair against foundation settlement and sinking slabs.

Our application is quick, cost-effective and can be used in a variety of challenging environments, including wet and saturated environments, peat soils, sandy soils, voids and a variety of other environments.

Foundation settlement is usually caused by poorly compacted soils beneath the foundation.  This can be caused by poor construction, soil erosion, temperature changes or a variety of other causes.  Whatever the cause, CST can help solve the problem.  CST stabilizes soils utilizing its CST structural polyurethane injection process.

With a hole smaller than a quarter, we insert metal tubes down into the subsurface and inject the polymer into the weak soil zones.  Once injected, the polymer expands rapidly throughout the soil, filling voids and lifting the foundation back to grade.

Push piles and helical piers are the correct solution when dealing with severe foundation problems.  When the support soils have reached the point where they can no longer bear the weight of your home, you need to make sure the weight is evenly distributed into the bedrock or soils that are adequate enough to support your home.

Our suite of piers and push piles combined with our CST soil stabilization products that ensures your home is protected against future settlement and structural damage.

Expansive soils are some of the most widely distributed and costly geologic hazards. They have been called the “Hidden Disaster” in the construction world, and result in millions of dollars in ongoing treatment, and repair of homes, commercial structures, roads and underground infrastructure throughout the country each year.

Expansive soil is characterized by clayey material. Treating expansive soil is necessary because clay soil particles attract moisture and hold on to it, producing a swelling mass of soil and water. When the moisture dissipates from the soil, the particles come back together, causing a shrinking action of the soil mass. Think of how a sponge swells when it’s wet and shrinks when it dries out. This swelling and shrinking of the clay and the associated movement it causes can result in severe damage to structures built on or in this type of soil.

CST utilizes a state of the art Ionic Clay Soil Stabilizer to treat swelling clays. The product works two ways. It reduces the swell potential of the clay soil and, because it dramatically reduces the capillary action of the clay particles, minimizes the shrinkage potential. When treated with the AGSS-ICS chemical, an irreversible change occurs in the molecular structure of the clay particles, and they no longer attract or hold on to water as they did before treatment.

Is your pool deck sinking or pool deck pulling away?

CST specializes in rehabilitating your existing slabs and pool without excavation and without a timely repair process.   With our methods, we can stabilize the soils underneath your slab and around your pool mitigating future erosion and externally sealing the pool area.  A summary of our services is as follows:

  • Lifting and leveling concrete slabs, including the pool deck
  • Externally sealing your swimming pool
  • Stabilizing soils and filling subsurface voids
  • Stabilizing and reinforcing retaining walls
  • Footer stabilization and rehabilitation