This page will give you a library of videos that may help clarify CST’s services and applications

URETEK Method Video Snippet
Brief video displaying the utilization of the URETEK Method

Industrial Slab Lifting
Maximize business operations, minimize liability and loss risks, and maintain asset value with URETEK industrial concrete lifting services.

Deep Injection Soil Stabilization Video
Video highlights the URETEK polymer injection application for concrete lifting and stabilization

Gypsum Dome and Conveyor Tunnel Sealing and Stabilization
One of the largest gypsum plants in the U.S. experienced leaking joints and ground water collecting in the conveyor tunnel under their main gypsum dome. With joint leaks and water levels rising, engineers have to act fast in order to keep the facility from potential shutdown.

Walmart Facility Slab Lifting Video
Control asset value, satisfy tenant business operations, and reduce liability claims quickly with Uretek’s advanced polyurethane concrete lifting and soil stabilization technology.

Marriott Parking Garage Ramp Lift
Project video showing a lift that was performed at a Marriott hotel parking garage ramp

Utility Vault Inflow and Infiltration Seal
Displays the effectiveness of the URETEK polymer injection process for sealing sewer systems against water infiltration

Addicks and Barker Outlet Soil Stabilization
Emergency stabilization of two flood outlets that had experienced soil degradation due to water infiltration

Port of Oakland Drivelane Stabilization
Drive lanes succumb to non-stop, overwhelming weight from massive overhead cranes at one of the busiest ports in the nation. Engineers choose URETEK’s Deep Injection® Process to lift and stabilize port drive lines without shutting down operations.

AMTRAK Railroad Stabilization
After saturated conditions weaken a 3 foot thick concrete base under a long span of rail track, URETEK crews work in tight conditions with over 12,000 volts buzzing overhead to stabilize the compromised track using structural grade polymer.

Zero Excavation: URETEK Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Video highlights and visualizes roadway stabilization and pipe joint sealing to mitigate inflow and infiltration and to lift roadway

Applying the URETEK Deep Injection Process for Infrastructure
The URETEK Deep Injection Process is a patented process designed to lift foundations, stabilize soils, leak sealing in culverts, manholes, and just about any type of infrastructure.

Permanent Basement Floor Lifting
Applying URETEK polymer injection process to stabilize a residential basement.

Denver Foundation Repair
Case study of foundation repair in Denver. Concrete Stabilization Technologies, Inc. uses the patented Deep Injection process to stabilize the soil and repair the foundation of this house.