Concrete Stabilization Technologies, Inc. (CST), is the region's number one specialty contractor providing superior service and polymer repair processes and technologies in the Rocky Mountain Region, serving Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Governmental clients throughout Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

With over 22 years’ experience in concrete repair, soil stabilization, water control, pavement realignment, and infrastructure rehabilitation, makes CST the leader in our industry. CST provides specialized solutions to improve troubled soil conditions, seal cracks, divert water, lift concrete structures and pavement, and foundation stabilization and repair.

Through our proprietary systems and techniques, CST saves you time and money as well as takes the stress out of solving problems with sunken concrete, unstable soil conditions, and deficient infrastructure. CST provides the least disruptive and most cost efficient alternative to costly, outdated, messy methods of concrete repair.

CST seeks to cultivate an honest and straight-forward approach to business. Our team spirit is what has built our reputation and we seek long term relationships with our clients.

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CST Soil Densification Polymer Commercial

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